17 Things I Learned About Living In New York City

New York has truly been a life-changing experience. It has given me the opportunity to learn things about myself, meet new people and embrace a new wave of freedom. On my Instagram, I started a little series where I would reveal something I had learned about living in the city, so I thought I would compile a list of them and share them with you.

Here are the revelations:

  •  I’m super out of shape and have trouble breathing when going uphill 😭
  •  You are going to get lost many times, but if you believe in yourself that you can find your way back, you will 🔍
  •  If you can spend 30-45 minutes in a subway with no AC and come out alive, that automatically makes you a survivor 💪🏻 a survivor with a lot of sweat though 🙃
  •  There’s always room to discover and learn something new 🌟
  • Even when you’re exhausted, you can somehow find the energy to keep going and do more 💪🏻
  • The city is filled with creative and talented people who will inspire you 🌟
  • I don’t want to eat another pizza slice🍕 for a long time, I am sick of it 😭
  • One way or another you have to learn how to cook. Food is expensive and eating out all the time will make you go broke 🍽
  • You can learn so much about yourself and go the extra mile to achieve something 🏃🏻
  • Being independent feels great!  👄
  • You will meet people you’ve always followed on social, and get the chance to learn who they really are IRL (in real life) 💻
  • If you love the work you do, everything will feel great 🙏🏼
  • You can actually love the people you work with, who knew 👀
  • Always make time to relax and take a break. It can get overwhelming sometimes 💤
  • Fomo will be real, but just tell yourself there will always be another day to do things 🌤
  • It’s important to believe in yourself and give yourself credit for the things you accomplish 🌟
  • There’s always room to grow 🌿

FUN FACT: This whole look is thrifted! So you can most definitely create an outfit from thrifted pieces. You don’t always need to rely on fast-fashion chains to make something work! 💃🏻💥


Photos taken by Maria Colalancia

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Why I Decided To Start A Blog

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Since 2014, I wanted to create a blog. I created one but failed in keeping it alive.

No matter how much I tried to keep my old blog alive and turn it into something I loved, it never worked out. I never made time for it and I was never satisfied with it. After much thinking, I realized it was never the right time for one. I wasn’t at a place in my life where I could make room for it, and I didn’t have much of a self-esteem to back me up in the process. I honestly didn’t know what I was doing. Eventually, I left it on the backend, but it was something that always lingered in the back of my mind. I always wanted to make this blog work. I wanted a place to express myself, share my love for clothes and share the things I cared about while being creative and inspiring others in the process.

Fast-forward to present time and I feel like Brisa is in a better place now (yes, I sometimes speak in the third person). Sometimes you sit down with yourself and think about where you are physically and mentally; take things in. Self-reflection is important and a necessity. I’m in a much better place where I believe I can do things. Hence, the start of this blog. I feel like I’m finally ready to create something of my own. I’m ready to do this for myself. I’m ready to give this blog a life.

So I welcome you and hope you stay for the ride. I’m not sure what will become of it, but I hope it’ll never have to turn into a pending project in my mind again.

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Photos taken by: Maria Colalancia

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