Fun fact: When I was younger, I wanted to be a singer-songwriter (still kinda do). I spent most of my days writing songs in compositions notebooks—which btw, I still have. I’ve always loved music and it’s a medium I truly appreciate and admire. There are so MANY amazing artists out there, that it would be unfair to only listen to one type of genre or artist. I’m happy to be the kind of person who’s open to listening to anything and give it a chance.

So this page will be dedicated to the current music I’m listening to. I’ve realized that every chapter of my life has had its own playlist, whether I’ve realized it at the moment or not. Have you ever listened to a particular song and felt triggered by it? Yeah, me too.

So my current playlist is all BORNS because he is all I’ve been listening to. His music takes me to another place. His voice is melancholy, nostalgic and just damn magical. So love him so we can love him together! xoxo,

Brisa 🙂