Lately, I’ve Been Feeling Uninspired

I’ve been feeling very uninspired since I came back from New York. My lack of motivation and optimism worsens and just recently I started hating everything I wear. Which is a problem because my clothes are usually an energy booster and a way to be accepting of myself. I’m not sure why this slump is such a HUGE slump. Maybe it’s that time of the year where I once again feel an existential crisis coming on, and I have no clue of what I’m doing and how to get to where I want to be.

I know I have the tendency to be hard on myself and I’m always afraid that I’m running out of time to do the things I want to achieve one day. I mostly blame this on myself because I’m constantly comparing myself to others who already seem to have their lives together and have the dream jobs I wish I had.


Another thing I’ve been trying to come to terms with lately is to remind myself that social media is just a highlight of people’s lives. I wish people were more open about their day-to-day struggles and would share authentic stories I could relate to and wouldn’t make me feel so out of place.

I started to hate Instagram a lot because it mentally exhausts me and I’ve gotten tired of people constantly trying to sell me something and begging for a follow. I’m more interested in getting to know people’s personalities and what show they like to binge watch at 10 pm.


I love photos and the stories behind them, it was one of the main reasons I joined Instagram. But now I’m just kind of over it. I don’t want to be obsessed with curating my feed or wondering if someone will like my photo. I want to post because I enjoy being creative and because I genuinely like the photos I post.


At the end of the day, everything is a work in progress and I always hope that the next morning is always better than the one before.

Photos were taken by: William-Douglas

*These photos were taken by Will, who I interned with at this past summer! He is such a passionate and creative guy who really loves his craft. If you’re in New York and are looking for someone to take awesome photos make sure to reach out to him! 

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