It’s Kind of a Funny Story

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There are moments where I’ll pick up a piece and it’ll trigger a particular memory. I can remember the reason why I bought it and why it’s one I remember. For this particular skirt, it is kind of a funny story.

A week before leaving New York, I managed to ask a guy out on a date. Quite out of my comfort zone, but hey I’m trying to step out of it. After much denial and many “omg’s”, it finally sank in that well I DID THAT. I asked a boy out. The only issue with this afterward is that I had no clue what to wear. A day before the date, I walked into an Urban Outfitters in search for an identity. I searched through racks, looked at mannequins for outfit inspiration, but STILL not one thing resonated with me or whatever identity I was going for—till this day I still don’t know what I was looking for.

In the midst of giving up and figuring out what I could later conjure up from my hole in the wall closet, I decided to take a peek into the sale section just for curiosity and fun. Which leads me to the plaid skirt you see. I picked it up and to my surprise, it was only $10 with an extra 40% off.  Let’s just say this skirt ended up being one of the pieces I wore on that date; but of course, after many outfit changes and fights with myself later. But that’s a story for another day…

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Photos taken by: Natalie Geisel 

I Have a Love/Hate Relationship With Writing


GAAHH, UHHH, UGGHH, all the emotions I feel when writing anything.

I feel like writing is such a paradox for me. There are times where I find it difficult to write things and I immediately label myself as a failure or failed writer. I tell myself that I’ll never be as good as the editors who write some of my favorite pieces and that I’ll never be as smart or as great of a writer as them.

But then there are days where I write a piece that feels easy, fun and liberating and I remind myself that writing is a craft that requires practice, patience, struggle, and discovery. It is not always going to be easy. The writers I admire didn’t become amazing overnight. They worked hard at it.

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It’s taken me a while to find my voice and there are moments when I lose it and fight really hard to get it back. There are times where I’ll read an awesome piece, I’ll get inspired and I immediately feel the impulse to write. I write on impulse. As many times as I beat myself up about thinking I’m a shitty writer; reading someone else’s piece or an old one of mine only pushes me to work harder at it. 

I believe it’s important to recognize one’s small accomplishments, so I thought I’d share a few pieces I’ve written (in no particular order) that I’m pretty damn proud are out there. I DID THAT.

1—Teen Vogue: What I Wish I Had Known BEFORE My Summer Internship

2—Man Repeller: Tinder is Trash

3— Huffington Post: These Two Teens Are Donating Sports Gear to Kids in Need, and You Can Too

4—5 Insider Tips On How To Slay The Thrifting Game

5—The Important Thing To Know About Your Tag Size

6—8 Things To Consider Before Moving To New York City

7—Here’s Everything You Need To Know Before You Go Thrifting

8—How To Thrift Trendy Items With Just a $20 Budget

9—These 3 Fashion Bloggers Have Something In Common With You

10—7 Female College Students Talk About The Women That Inspire Them and The Importance of Girl Power

Photos taken by Venesa

Lately, I’ve Been Feeling Uninspired

I’ve been feeling very uninspired since I came back from New York. My lack of motivation and optimism worsens and just recently I started hating everything I wear. Which is a problem because my clothes are usually an energy booster and a way to be accepting of myself. I’m not sure why this slump is such a HUGE slump. Maybe it’s that time of the year where I once again feel an existential crisis coming on, and I have no clue of what I’m doing and how to get to where I want to be.

I know I have the tendency to be hard on myself and I’m always afraid that I’m running out of time to do the things I want to achieve one day. I mostly blame this on myself because I’m constantly comparing myself to others who already seem to have their lives together and have the dream jobs I wish I had.


Another thing I’ve been trying to come to terms with lately is to remind myself that social media is just a highlight of people’s lives. I wish people were more open about their day-to-day struggles and would share authentic stories I could relate to and wouldn’t make me feel so out of place.

I started to hate Instagram a lot because it mentally exhausts me and I’ve gotten tired of people constantly trying to sell me something and begging for a follow. I’m more interested in getting to know people’s personalities and what show they like to binge watch at 10 pm.


I love photos and the stories behind them, it was one of the main reasons I joined Instagram. But now I’m just kind of over it. I don’t want to be obsessed with curating my feed or wondering if someone will like my photo. I want to post because I enjoy being creative and because I genuinely like the photos I post.


At the end of the day, everything is a work in progress and I always hope that the next morning is always better than the one before.

Photos were taken by: William-Douglas

*These photos were taken by Will, who I interned with at this past summer! He is such a passionate and creative guy who really loves his craft. If you’re in New York and are looking for someone to take awesome photos make sure to reach out to him! 

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This is Why I Love The Mindy Project

There are many things I am obsessed with. There are many things I fangirl about. And one of those things are my precious films and shows. THEY ARE MY LIFELINE 😭


there comes a point where my obsession—or some may say addiction—to watching these shows and films is that eventually they come to an end, and that my friends is TRAGIC. I slowly start to run out of things to watch and enter a downfall of despair. Okay, I might be being a little dramatic, but it’s TRUE. It becomes a mission to find the next show to love.

Recently though, I decided to watch The Mindy Project 🌟 and it was the BEST. DECISION. OF. MY. LIFE. IT’S SO GOOD AND FUNNY!!!

Let’s just say that I’m already in season 2 and about to start season 3 ( I know, I have a problem). I really love how the character Mindy loves romcoms and says pop culture references all the time because same, and I love how the characters can be total dorks and insecure and just plain real. If I want to have a good laugh I know that I can tune into this show and laugh till I die.

Point is you need to go watch it so that we can love it together.


an obsessed show fanatic 👀

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Photos taken by Natalie Geisel

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Here’s One Way You Can Wear Red

I love color. I specifically love the color red. I always feel like I’m surrounded by color haters because I always hear “I love black, and it is all I will ever wear”. Now, don’t get me wrong, black is cool. But why hate on all the other colors and rob yourself from an experience? Give them a chance! I’ve always been a strong supporter of color. I even try to convince my best friend to wear color, but sometimes fail because he’s too stubborn and also a big fan of black, but my protest for color shall continue.

For me color is a fun way to play around with your style and give life to my uneventful life, I need some FUSED ENERGY AND POWER, and well color does that for me. I know color can sometimes be a tricky thing to put together, but word of advice: don’t think too much about it! Randomly pick out some pieces, switch them around, try them on; and then judge for yourself on whether or not you think it looks good AND makes you feel good. If those two factors equal a yes, then voila! you have officially discovered a new part of yourself and have joined the color-loving club! Bienvenido/a!

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Photos taken by Natalie Geisel!

Fun fact: Were were internet friends, and finally got to hangout IRL while we were both interning in NYC this past summer!

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I Constantly Suffer From Impostor Syndrome

I’ve always been quite hard on myself and have the bad habit of not giving myself credit for the things I do; something I’m truly working on. I’m not sure where I developed the inability to feel accomplished or like I was incapable of doing things, but it is probably one of my many insecurities. It is not till recently where I started to learn how to acknowledge my successes and accept that I am capable of doing things, but it is truly a work in progress and a habit I have yet not mastered.

I suffer from impostor syndrome. If you haven’t heard of this term, then let me give you a brief explanation. Impostor syndrome is “a concept describing individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud.” In other words, I constantly feel like I have fooled everyone into thinking I can do things, when I believe I can’t.

It’s an awful way to see and feel things, but it’s something I constantly struggle with. I remember being at my summer internship this year and always feeling like I had fooled everyone into thinking I could actually do my job. There were times where maybe I wasn’t sure how to go about things or how to tackle a task and I would automatically feel like a failure, and would dive into my pit of feeling like a fraud. Eventually, I would pick myself up, ask for some help or guidance and get the task done without any other issues.

I’ve learned that the only person that can make you feel shitty or incapable of doing things is yourself. That it’s important to give yourself value and recognize the hard work you put in and congratulate yourself for any progress and accomplishments; no matter how small they may seem. Though it’s a constant struggle, it’s slowly getting easier to jump out of this mindset as soon as I recognize it. But as with everything in life, it’s a work in progress.

Have you ever suffered from imposter syndrome? I would love to know your thoughts, and it’d be nice to not feel like a party of one.

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Photos taken by: Cassidy Hopkins

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How Deciding What To Wear Helps Ease My Nerves

I’m a strong believer that what you wear is an extension of who you are 🌟 It’s important for me to always wear and buy things that make me feel comfortable with myself, and that’ll give me the confidence to go out into the world 🌍.  If I can’t identify with what I’m wearing, then the only person I’m fooling is myself.

I’ve never been the most confident person in the room, and I swear almost everything that’s out of my comfort zone makes me nervous and anxious, and it is LITERALLY THE WORST. But I am working on not being so scared and nervous about everything, and learning how to give myself pep talks and positive affirmations to help ease myself into any untouched territory 👀.

A way that helps me combat my fears is deciding what to wear👖. It helps me figure out my current state of mind and mood, and it’s a great stress reliever when I get a few minutes of the day to be creative and pick out my outfits. A huge component in my closet is definitely COLOR 🌈. I LOVE color so much, and odds are you’ll hardly ever find me wearing black. Not because I’m against it—black is a badass color 😎— but because  I usually don’t gravitate towards it as much. There’s something so fun and bold about wearing color, and deciding what to wear shouldn’t be boring or a hassle. It should be an opportunity to learn about yourself and be happy with who you are. Something I try every day to be happy with 🌷.

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Photos taken by: Cassidy Hopkins

Cassidy is such a sweet girl! Shooting with her was a great experience, and I definitely recommend reaching out to her if you’re in need of photos. Make sure to follow her on Instagram in the link above! 


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